Distillati Levi are produced in Aosta Valley, the smallest region of Italy. Pure air is the finest ingredients of our spirits, produced with great care, with quality and a special attention for the terroir.

According to written sources, since the XVIII century the Levi family from Campodolcino, near Milan, dedicated their life to an alchemical art: the distillation. The old epithet for these artisans was “grapat”, the grappa makers who travelled from place to place with an alembic on wheels looking for the best grape pomace. Grapat worked with fire and vapours, following mysterious procedures that often gave them an air of mysticism with the common folk.

They looked after all as magical art that transformed nature into spirits, but more than anything it was a hard job with little rest, sleeping in farms and barns far away from the family. Guglielmo Levi, son of the “grapat” Angelo Levi, followed the family tradition and became an able distiller. He founded the Levi distilleries in the centre of Aosta where he began to produce a range of prestigious distillates.

Over the years the production increases and, in 1968, Guglielmo’s daughter, Natalina, together with her husband Cesare Rosset, moved the company to Quart, a small village on the outskirts of Aosta.

Today the Distillati Levi are still produced in Quart. Within this reality, with a deep bond with the territory and that is even more attentive to innovation, a discontinuous alembic with a bain-marie system – technologically controlled and powered  by renewable energy – it works continuously, day and night in order to produce high quality distillates.