Martin Sec Pear Infused Spirit

This product was born from the desire to create a range of distillates of singular and natural infusions but with high sensory potential. The distillate of martin-sec infusion is born from the delicate and fascinating combination of ancient experiences of Levi distillers and sophisticated innovations. The martin-sec is a very widespread and appreciated small pear, with a whitish, semi-fine pulp, grainy sugary, not very juicy, aromatic and fragrant. It is recommended to drink it at a temperature between 10 and 15 degrees.


100% Martin Sec Pear


Infused Spirit

Production Area

Aosta Valley

Altitude SLM

800 mt


First pears are infused in a hydro-alcoholic solution, then the infusion is distilled using a discontinuous alembic with bain-marie system


38% vol.


20 cl. – 50 cl.


Crystal clear


Fine, intense, fruity (martin sec pear)


Pleasantly soft

Serving temperature

13° C – 55,4° F

Recommended Glass

Tulip chalice, 11,4 cl.  Diam. 58 mm

Cocktail consigliato